CN Boxcars at our Warehouse Facility Stacks in our Warehouse Forklift with Squeeze Clamps

Our Warehousing & Distribution services are based in Ogden, UT, 35 miles north of Salt Lake City at the Ogden Business Depot, an 1,128 acre ADDLINK Business Park (see our link). The following outlines our services and features:

  • 44,000 square foot rail-served warehouse which includes 7 car spots for boxcar handling. Expansion into additional space is readily available when required
  • served by the UCRY (Utah Central Railway), which can receive cars from both the UPRR and the BNSF
  • warehouse is primarily brick and mortar, is equipped with sprinklers, and the grounds are security patrolled
  • we handle all palletized products, specializing in wood pulp and lumber material
  • our equipment includes two 8,000 lb. boxcar special forklifts and one 5,000 lb. forklift
  • specialized equipment includes squeeze clamps, extended forks and a boom for handling over-length cylindrical materials
  • we offer pick up or delivery service with our company-owned fleet of tractors and 53' vans for the prior/subsequent move to rail
  • warehouse includes a covered truck dock
  • bar coding capabilities for inventory management